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Celtic Reiki PMCD0091
Chris Conway & Llewellyn

Price: $12.95

Celtic Reiki is a beautiful style of Reiki which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types of trees and plants to create energies ideal for healing.

Featuring Celtic multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway and top Reiki composer Llewellyn, Celtic Reiki can also be used for Usui Reiki Healing treatments and a wide range of therapies including massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.

Contains detailed sleeve notes about Celtic Reiki.

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- 24/07/2013 22:02:37
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- 13/12/2012 21:51:22
Llewellyn joins with label mate Chris Conway on yet another highly recommended release from this English music label. Conway is a masterful flute and whistle player and Llewellyn does his usual sterling job on blending his keyboards into a beautiful cohesive whole. Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer 2009.

Magical Earth - EARTH LISTEN 
Dance of the Flame - FIRE LISTEN 
Sea of Dreams - WATER LISTEN 
The Wind of Enlightenment - AIR LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 60:58mins
"Perfect for one hour massages, so point your massage therapists in the direction of this one....the music cant help but instill a mood of relaxation and peaceful contentment." Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer, March/April 2009